Trafitmet S45 Machine Torch that is PLUG AND PLAY for the Vipercut 30/30i & Razorweld cut45!

The two trigger wires are left outside to be wired directly to you CNC Plasma table controller. No need to open up the machine to tap and splice wires thus voiding your warranty! Quick and simple installation! You may have to extend the wires out of this torch to your control box depending on your setup. Also comes with a FREE flowmeter so you can be sure you are getting accurate air flow to through your torch. 

Why would you want a machine torch? Well I'm glad you asked. Here are some advantages

-Mounts by the body and not the nozzle like hand torches. Quick and easy to change consumables

-No need to remove the torch to change consumables

-Easily mounts to a magnetic breakaway

-Wires go straight up and easier to manage 

-Your torch body won't be in the way when loading or unloading material 

-Your torch angle stays consistent! The biggest benefit of them all. Eliminate angled cuts due to your torch not being perfectly straight.

This is a genuine made in Italy Trafitmet torch with a metal body!

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Trafimet S45 Machine Plasma Cutter Torch

  • Brand: Trafimet
  • Product Code: S45 Machine Torch
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $450.00

Tags: viper cut 30 30i razorweld Razorcut 45 45i cnc plasma table machine torch 180* 180 degree plug n play