About Us

About Us

Our automotive addiction began around 2005 with the purchase of a 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. Within a year and a mild build a year later it made a mild 333awhp...and the summer after 452awhp. It was around that time the idea to build our own parts was born. With a cheap $90 welder off craigslist the journey into welding had begun. With lots of reading, researching and testing the little welder was not going to do it. A few mig welders later and more research a tig welder came in to play. 

Fast forward until today. There are multiple tig welders, plasma cnc table, mig welders, and many other tools in the shop. Self taught motivation to do better and better was all that was needed to really learn to dial in a welder. Catch cans were born. After a few years of testing we have simplified the design to flow extremely well, catch oil, improve performance and keep costs down to a minimum. With these simple things accomplished that was going to be a baseline for all of our products. Top quality without the top price. 

Services Offered:

Welding (tig, mig)

Prototyping/Manufacturing. Your design, your name. Your secret is safe with us.

CNC Plasma

Small scale powder coating

Vinyl Decals

Custom Shirts


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